Sustainable development

Sustainability is morethan just a product feature for us

The 17 SDGs

The protection of our society and environment is of fundamental importance to all of us.

We believe that working with corporate environment and social responsibility is of increasing importance for everyone, and a precondition for a sustainable society where growth and success goes hand in hand with ethical and sustainable behavior.

The commitment to living by these principles not only makes good business sense, but also complements our fundamental business strategy and our values.

From vision to action

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and their underlying focus areas resonate very well with the way we want to run our company.

We address the concrete initiatives and tasks that come with these focus areas with respect and a high level of attention in the realization that we have an obligation to become even more mature over time.

From a product development standpoint, we have a clear vision to ensure our customers have the functionality they need in the TRIMIT solution to be compliant with legislation.

Our work the SDGs is anchored with the board and the management team of TRIMIT Group, and the progress of this work is closely related to the maturity of the entire organization when it comes to understanding and embracing the Group strategy around this.

We are eager to do our part

At TRIMIT, we are committed to implementing and continuously developing responsible and sustainable business practices to ensure that our behavior and activities have a positive impact on and for our employees, customers, partners, and our society as a whole.

We act ethically, properly and prudently, considering the impact our actions as a company and individuals have on human, social, economic and environmental conditions.

We have specific focus on SDGs number 3, 5, 8 and 12, and you can read more about what they mean to us below.

did you know?

Cloud-based softwareis a more sustainable choice

More than 90% of new customers choose to run their TRIMIT solution in a Microsoft datacenter.

Traditional on-premises servers often operate at low levels of utilization, leading to wastage of energy resources. Large datacenters can take advantage of economies of scale, employing advanced cooling and power management systems, thereby reducing energy usage.

Running TRIMIT in a datacenter also reduces the need for physical hardware, leading to less electronic waste as fewer devices are required to meet the computing demands of the TRIMIT customers.

Microsoft datacenters will be 100% powered by renewable energy sources by 2025.
TRIMITs sustainable development report

Read our Sustainable Development Report

We publish an annual report on our work with sustainable development and ESG initiatives. Download it here.