The right materialsat the right time and price

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Efficient purchasing is critical for success in the furniture and interior industry. It directly impacts competitiveness, profitability, sustainability, and the ability to deliver goods to customers.

Availability of products and materials and components allows you to respond quickly to market demands, reduce stockouts, and minimize excess inventory, all adding up to improved operational efficiency.

No matter the focus of your purchasing team, TRIMIT offers the features you need.

One solution to bring it all together

Successful purchasing involves balancing cost considerations with quality, sustainability, and innovation to meet customer expectations and remain competitive in the market.

The purchasing functionality of TRIMIT is an intersection where purchase orders, suppliers, pricing, deliveries, etc. all come together and form an overview which is easy to understand and collaborate around. TRIMIT extends Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with features to handle the needs of furniture and interior companies.

Multiple sources create purchase needs

TRIMIT allows you to create a purchase order directly from a sales order, from a manufacturing order, or from the demand planning feature. It's your choice.

The solution creates a link between the sales, purchase and manufacturing orders to give you the full visibility of where it comes from.

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What's in it for you?

Whether it's handling complex product structures, optimizing supplier relationships, automating calculations, or ensuring accurate and up-to-date product information, TRIMIT contributes to improved procurement efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

With seamless integration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, it provides a comprehensive and streamlined procurement solution.

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