Manufacturing solutionfor your industry

Worker in a cap and overalls using a tablet to monitor a machine in a furniture manufacturing facility.

The furniture and interior industry is special in so many ways. Keeping track of the manufacturing process when you have hundreds or even thousands of variants and configuration options creates the need for an industry-specific manufacturing solution.

By leveraging an efficient manufacturing ERP system customized for the furniture and interior industry, users can optimize their production processes, reduce costs, maintain high product quality, and stay competitive in the market.

Unique products deserve unique solutions

With TRIMIT, the manufacturing solution is built-in to the standard solution, and it is developed specifically to handle configured make-to-order products and their variants.

No matter if your products are chairs, office furniture, home decoration items or completely customized kitchens, TRIMIT gives you the features and the manufacturing overview you want. The solution supports both in-house and outsourced production, or a mix of both.

Control and overview of your manufacturing

In the manufacturing order, you have all the data to give you a complete overview of the manufacturing process.

It holds the complete bill of materials, including not only components but also operations and setup times. You get a complete cost calculation of each manufacturing order, and it will even show you actual consumed time and materials for your order post calculation.

showing a close-up of a computer screen with the TRIMIT manufacturing dashboard

What's in it for you?

Using the manufacturing functionality in TRIMIT puts you in full control of the process. The direct connection between forecasting, sales and manufacturing ensures overview and helps you produce only what you need.

Reduced over-production, less mark-downs and more sustainable business practices are some of the benefits you get from TRIMIT.

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