Plan and executeefficient logistics

Warehouse worker in an orange safety vest using a barcode scanner to manage inventory on high shelves

To ensure an efficient flow of goods, meeting and exceeding customer expectations, as well as adapting quickly to market changes, you need effective logistics and distribution processes to succeed.

With TRIMIT, you can enhance your efficiency and agility in all aspects of the logistics area, from keeping track of incoming and outgoing containers, allocating the right goods to the right customers, to creating dynamic pick documents and integrating them to your warehouse management solution.

Accurate deliveries, improved speed to market

TRIMIT streamlines your inventory and fulfillment process with features like arrival registration, stock addition, identifying every piece by adding a unique lot- or serial number, and efficient picking lists.

The system ensures smooth distribution, integrates billing with shipping, offers container logistics oversight, and connects with external warehouses and scanners for comprehensive logistics management.

All in all - TRIMIT gives you the overview you need to create great experiences for your customers with the products they have ordered, leading to increased customer satisfaction and a better reputation for your company.

Turn logistics into sustainability

Efficient logistics can contribute to more sustainable business processes by minimizing your waste and optimizing your transportation needs.

TRIMIT's logistics feature caters to the specific needs of your business. Whether it's efficient container management, accurate allocation, streamlined warehousing, or optimized inventory management, this solution enhances your logistics efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Like the rest of TRIMIT, it is fully embedded into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and the two together provide a comprehensive and streamlined logistics solution.

showing a close-up of a computer screen with the TRIMIT logistics feature

What's in it for you?

TRIMIT provides the features you need to use your logistics and distribution as a differentiator.

All logistics features have been developed specifically with the furniture and interior industry in mind.

Increased customer satisfaction, better overview and integration to warehouse scanners or fully automated warehousing infrastructure are just some of the benefits you can get.

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