Sell complex productseasily

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Great products, great customers and a great sales pitch doesn't do it alone. To really succeed with sales in the furniture and interior industry, these things need to be coupled with the right sales tools.

Selling complex items like furniture and interior products requires overviews which can be challenging to get. The right sales tools enables your sales teams to focus on selling and building relationships rather than struggling with less-than-ideal overviews and ordering systems.

Your business solution as a sales accelerator

After more than 30 years in the industry, TRIMIT has been developed and refined to tackle the specific challenges that come with furniture and interior products.

The sales features to configure a product on every individual sales line, are tightly connected to the unique product structure TRIMIT offers, which allows a simple user interface while all the advanced calculation and validation of data happens in the background on the fly.

Gone are the days where invalid configurations were still sold, where customers quotes had incorrect prices and where delivery times were a black box.

TRIMIT enables your sales force, so they can focus on selling.

ERP or e-commerce - or both

TRIMIT has an advanced engine that takes care of all your product information and builds your product structures and items dynamically as you need them.

While all the business logic happens inside the business solution, and parts of your team will likely prefer to work in the familiar environment of a business solution, others may prefer to work in an e-commerce world.

That is why we have extended the TRIMIT offer to also include a full suite of e-commerce solutions. Sales reps, shops, and even consumers can place orders online, and the best part is that all information, product options and variants are shared between the business solution and the e-commerce in real time.

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What's in it for you?

The sales features in TRIMIT gives you the tools you need to increase your sales.

Allowing your sales team to configure products, view accurate product availability, or using different order types to help automate processes allows an error-free order taking and improved customer service.

Combined with great statistics and reporting, TRIMIT offers a very compelling sales solution to fashion and apparel companies.

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