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Smart sellingright at your fingertips

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Online sales platforms are very important to furniture and interior businesses looking to optimize and modernize their sales teams, for several reasons.

With the backup of a user-friendly and customer-focused tool, the sales people can focus on creating long-lasting customer relationships, selling more of the right products, and handle the order process more professionally.

The optimal order flow is included

The TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal is fully integrated to your TRIMIT business solution powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, and gets your sales people real-time access to the latest information about their customers and orders.

The Portal works on all devices and is designed to create the optimal sales and ordering flow. In the furniture and interior industry, the ability to configure products easily is included in the product. Copying orders and even preparing template orders in advance are also standard features focused on making life on the road easier when servicing your customers.

Sales reps can also visually configure products in the Sales Agent Portal.

The home page of the Sales Agent Portal is customizable via building blocks, allowing each sales rep to create their preferred look and feel.

This way, and with all data readily available, your sales teams can finally focus on selling.

Easily measure your performance

It's easy to track sales performance with the TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal.

The Portal has TRIMIT InSite, our advanced sales statistics tool, built in. With this, each sales rep can follow own performance or the performance of each customer. And your management can follow the combined sales figures across your sales team in real-time.

Top customers, bestseller products and order mix and lots of other information can easily be found and provide the insights needed to make the right decisions.

showing a close-up of a computer screen with the TRIMIT Sales Agent dashboard.

What's in it for you?

The TRIMIT Sales Agent Portal places a great order entry tool and up-to-date information right at the fingertips of your sales reps.

Using the Sales Agent Portal as your digital sales tool will make it easier to service your customers in the best possible way and using it on any device at any location will ensure better consistency across your sales team.

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