b2b webshop

Keep your showroomopen for orders 24/7

Computer screen displaying a product page for a chair named Zeus on an online furniture store

Adding an online sales channel will make a huge difference to any furniture and interior business.

With a B2B Webshop, you can reach a broader audience beyond your physical location or existing customer base. Retailers, interior designers, architects, and other businesses looking to buy your products will have easier access to do so.

Businesses can place orders at their convenience, even outside of regular business hours, and a well-designed B2B Webshop can reduce the need for extensive sales teams or physical showroom spaces, leading to cost savings in the long run.

Analyzing the data you get from your online B2B sales channel can provide insights for product development, marketing strategies, and overall business growth.

User-friendly tool for complex sales

The furniture and interior industry is characterized by seemingly simple products, but with an underlying complexity resulting in hundreds, even thousands, of variants and configuration options.

All your product structures, options and variations are set up in your TRIMIT business solution, and the built-in integration to the B2B Webshop ensures that no invalid configurations and combinations can be ordered online.

Having all this information on the B2B Webshop also allows you to influence your customers through promoting items, pushing special offers, etc.

On top of re-using the business rules you have already set up in your solution, the B2B Webshop is easy to use and gives your customers everything they need to stay in close contact with your brand.

Visually configure products

Imagining what a variant of a furniture or interior product may look like can be hard for your customers. That is why we have added the option to visually configure products online.

As you configure a product, the B2B Webshop will ensure you see an exact version of the product on the fly. It will even show you the price for the final product with any add-on pricing your selections results in - and of course, with the correct customer discounts and delivery time.

What's in it for you?

The TRIMIT B2B Webshop will benefit furniture and interior companies by extending their sales reach to new customers, and around the clock.

You get a fully integrated, very user-friendly and professionally looking B2B Webshop with everything you need to succeed in selling your products online - no matter the complexity.

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