Sustainability trackingfor a better future

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Sustainability in the furniture and interior industry is becoming increasingly important as people become more aware of the environmental impact of their purchasing decisions.

There are a number of key aspects to consider when it comes to sustainability. Materials, durability, manufacturing processes, recycling and upcycling are just a few, and they all impact the environmental footprint.

It takes a holistic approach to determine the sustainability factors of furniture and interior products, and tracking the right data and being able to report on it is becoming more and more important.

Capture data and report key figures

TRIMIT provides sustainability features for furniture and interior businesses committed to environmental responsibility. The information in TRIMIT ensures accurate insights and enables them to make sustainable adjustments based on accurate data.

Whether it's tracking and calculating environmental impact, generating sustainability reports, managing certificates, or integrating sustainability data with other systems, the TRIMIT solution supports businesses in adopting eco-friendly practices and meeting sustainability goals.

Sustainability as a competitive edge

The ability to easily add sustainability data in TRIMIT all the way down to component level, copying values between products, adding them to reporting and sales orders are just a few of the areas where TRIMIT enables you to demonstrate your sustainability efforts.

Using this as a competitive advantage helps build better brand reputation and customer awareness, leading to better sales and a clear profile in a crowded marketplace.
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What's in it for you?

The features offered by TRIMIT gives you a great place to store your sustainability information.

It enables easy use of the information across the solution for internal purposes as well as on external documents and integrations with other systems.

The ongoing updates to the solution ensures future compliance as well.

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