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Accuracy and speedin product configuration

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A great product configuration pr0cess is the key to getting correct orders, happy customers, more sales, and improved profitability.

However, there's more product configuration than what meets the eye. Behind it is data management, end-to-end integration from sales over manufacturing to invoicing, and e-commerce. All this need to be done right.

TRIMIT is tailored to help you do exactly that.

Eliminate guesswork

The product configuration rests on a foundation of product logic and business rules, and these decide the configuration options on each product you sell.

This ensures that out of all the potential configurations of your products, only valid options can be quoted and sold. And you can commit to prices and delivery times when you create the order, improving customer service.

You can even visually configure products with your customer to get a visual representation of the product you are quoting.

The unique TRIMIT product data structure

TRIMIT offers a unique way of creating, maintaining, and using product data.

Instead of maintaining individual variants and configurations, you work with product templates, called masters.

This structure typically reduces the number of products you need to maintain and update, from hundreds or even thousands, down to a very few.

For every product template, you have an unlimited number of variants, you can create a simple or very advanced bill of materials, you can set up the routing for making the product, and much more.

The product template also controls all the basic settings for the products. You can define both valid and invalid configurations, define how configuration choices affect customer prices, and you can easily build formulas to manage rules and dependencies for your products and their configuration options.

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What's in it for you?

The product configurator in TRIMIT is the key to managing complex furniture and interior products with multiple configuration options and variants.

The configuration engine in TRIMIT is the foundation for correct quotes, orders, manufacturing orders and on-time delivery to your customers.

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